New Year and Christmas celebrations
The end of December is a magical time for all children: time to write letters to Santa Claus, decorate the Christmas tree, burn sparklers and check if there is a big bag on the balcony.

We and our assistants believe that magic and holidays should be in life of every child. Therefore, every winter we work hard so that children from boarding schools, orphanages and poor families can enjoy themselves as much as all other children!
How do we do it:

1. Organization of children's New Year's events

Together with the staff of the Foundation, our fun and talented volunteers go with performances and a festive program to children's boarding institutions – during the events children are happy, play and get goodies!

And every year we organize a festive event for children with special needs in the City's Cultural Center.

2. Sweet gifts for children from all districts of the region

Children from low-income families in remote areas of the Pskov region also love the New Year and are waiting for gifts – we annually give them sets of sweets!

3. Action "Become Santa Claus!”

Creating magic is not difficult at all. And it is very nice.

Recipe for a miracle:

1. Find the Christmas tree of the Children's Foundation. About all the places where there are Christmas trees with the wishes of children under our care we write in our group in "Vkontakte".
2. Choose and remove from the Christmas tree a card with the child's wish.
3. Fulfill the wish by buying a cherished typewriter, constructor or soft bear.
4. Bring a gift to the Foundation!

Alternative options:

Go to the Foundation and choose a postcard from us.

Choose a child's wish in our group in "Vkontakte":

All participating Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are invited to visit the Christmas trees, where we will present gifts to the children! If you can't do this – don't worry, as a result of the campaign, we will definitely post a photo of each child with your gift in our photo report.

More information about the campaign and its results can be found in our reports
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