Welcome to school!
We help children from low-income families to be equipped for school year
Every year we help children from the most needy families and boarding schools of the Pskov region to become equipped for school year. We buy for future first graders their first school backpacks and stationery sets.
September 1 is an expected and exciting event for every child. It should be right that even for children in a difficult life situation all these experiences and excitements were joyful and pleasant. For families where parents do not have enough money even for the most necessary things, a fully equipped school backpack is an invaluable help.

In 2020, with the support of donators, we equipped 830 children for a school year!

How to participate:

1. Bring to the Children's Foundation a school backpack (new or second-hand, but in good condition), stationery. If you have a desire to fully collect one child to school, here is a list of what we put in each backpack:

1. Pencil case х1
2. Pen х2
3. Sharpener х1
4. Pencil simple х2
5. Paint brush х2
6. Eraser х2
7. Glue brush х1
8. Ruler х1
9. Colored cardboard х1
10. Colored paper х1
11. Notebook cover х10
12. Liquid glue х1
13. Glue pencil х1
14. Notebook (for language classes) х10
15. Notebooks (for Maths) х10
16. Diary х1
17. Scissors х1
18. Sketchbook х2
19. Set of markers х1
20. Plasticine х1
21. Colored pencils set х1
22. Watercolor paints х1
23. Satchels / briefcases х1
24. Toy х1
25. Cracker products х1
26. The first book х1

2. Transfer a donation to prepare children in need for school.

3. Come to our office to help us to pack the backpacks. 600 backpacks is not a small amount, so extra hands will of help!

More information about the campaign and its results can be found in our reports
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