Children’s Day
The Children's Foundation has been holding a holiday for Children's Day for 30 years - since the very foundation of the organization! Every year, children from boarding schools throughout the region come to an event in Pskov. For students of boarding schools, each visit to the city is a long-awaited event and motivation (to come to the holiday, you need to study well, help others, show yourself in different areas).
The program of the trip is always different – it can be a trip to the cinema and to the aqua park, a visit to the entertainment center, swimming pool or ice rink. Mandatory components: a festive lunch and gifts!

In 2019, for example, 116 children from 9 residential institutions of the region came to Pskov – they watched a cartoon, went to the aqua park and were treated to a festive lunch.

The Children's Foundation holds such holidays on donations - from both organizations and private donors.

And in 2020, 7 projects were implemented at the expense of benefactors in favor of pupils of boarding schools in the region. In addition, more than 160 children from needy families received sweet gifts for the holiday.

More information about the campaign and its results can be found in our reports
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