A new life for old things
Things that your children have grown out of can be a gift for children in need!
Мы освободим ваш пакетик!
The campaign "A new life for old things" is a part of the program of the Children's Foundation "Emergency Social Assistance".

The goal of the event “A new life for old things” is to get as many solid children’s clothes and shoes, toys and other things necessary for children and teenagers from large and low-income families as possible.

Everyone can participate – individuals, entire families, groups. Here's what you need to do:

1. Collect things - the scale can be different. You can dig through your own wardrobes, or you can organize the collection in your neighbourhood or at work.

2. When there is enough amount of things, bring it to the Children's Foundation.

3. Accept our gratitude and your emptied bags! On the way home, feel glad that things that were useless for you, are useful and necessary for someone else.

If you don't mind, we will take a picture of you and write a post about your participation.

The list of things that you can always bring to the Children's Foundation can be found below.
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