Children with disabilities
We help children with special needs
Within the framework of the program, we help children with special needs or disabilities. The main part of work is conducted in two directions:
1. Support of children from families

Often in families there is a situation when the child urgently needs expensive treatment or surgery, and there are no funds for this. Sympathetic people help – private donors transfer money for treatment and purchase of special equipment; we collect a significant part of the funds on interactive platforms of the Children's Foundation and charity events such as Kind Heart.

2. Assistance to pupils of specialized institutions

Within the framework of the program, the Children's Foundation mainly works with two specialized institutions for disabled children: the Bobrovsky Orphanage and the Belsko-Ustyensky Orphanage.

The children living there have serious health problems – both physical and mental disorders. Children need special care, which involves special equipment, special furniture, medical procedures and educational activities.

In other boarding schools of the Pskov region, there are also children who need special care – we also actively help them within the framework of the program.
Как помочь:

  • перевести средства на помощь детям-инвалидам в рамках актуальных сборов Детского фонда.
  • связаться с нами, если хотите помочь подопечным конкретного учреждения – мы расскажем о наиболее острых потребностях его подопечных.
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