Emergency Social Assistance
Families in need with children are support with basic necessities: clothing, food, hygiene items and many others
The "Emergency Social Assistance" program is a way to support the poorest families with children. Very often parents do not have enough money for the most necessary things – buying children's clothes, food, school supplies.

Every day we receive requests from low-income families from all districts of the region. Every day, responsive people bring to the Foundation everything that can be of help - clothes, long-term storage products, hygiene products. Our volunteer specialists form parcels, which are then delivered throughout the region.

How to help

You can bring things to the Children's Foundation:

  • Children's and adolescent clothing and shoes (for children from 0 to 18 years). Second-hand items in good condition (working zippers and zippers, the presence of heels, pads) are welcomed. The size can be any, the main thing is that things are modern, suitable for children and teenagers. Clothes and shoes of different seasons are welcomed all year round.
  • Toys of all kinds: soft, plastic, rubber, wooden, as well as children's games, game equipment (cubes, skittles, jump ropes, etc.).
  • Children's picture books for kids, fairy tales, encyclopedias. We do not accept textbooks and classical literature.
  • Dishes, bed linen, curtains, towels and other household items.
  • Office supplies.
  • Hygiene products: diapers, wet wipes, powders, soaps, etc.
  • Long-term storage products: canned food, pasta, cereals, tea, sugar, etc.
  • Small children's equipment: bottles, pacifiers, rattles, mobile phones, etc.
  • Large children's equipment: strollers, high chairs, baths, playpens, etc.

We also always need volunteer help

1. To help with the work in the warehouse: to sort clothes; to participate in forming parcels for particular families.

2. Help with transport: the Foundation does not have its own car, so from time to time we accumulate a lot of bags for poor families. If you sometimes drive around the area in a large or not very large car and do not mind putting a couple of bags in the car, let us know!

3. Perhaps you are a talented designer, programmer, author of handmade crafts, photographer, speak English... If you are ready to become part of a team of volunteers, go to orphanages and hold interesting events or participate in holding actions, support children with us, we will be very happy to see you! Let us know about your capabilities!

4. Also, sometimes we need help with transport in Pskov: for example, to take everything we need to a charity event.

More information about the program and its implementation can be found in our reports
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