Orphan student
It can be difficult for graduates of boarding schools to get an education and learn to live independently. The goal of this program is to support them so that they can become a dedicated professional and find their place in adult life.
For all graduates of boarding schools, leaving their home institution is not an easy test. You need to live somewhere, calculate the budget, provide yourself with everything you need - and everything is to be done on your own. That is why it is so difficult for many children to get a decent profession and socialize – it is not easy to concentrate on study when you need to constantly earn extra money and worry about hundreds of pressing problems.
The purpose of the "Orphan Student" program is to provide boarding school graduates with the support they need in the first stage of their independent life. Thanks to the help of the partners of the Children's Foundation such as Russian Children’s Welfare Society (The USA), the Dutch fund Rusland Direct and the Austrian organization Kleine Herzen, the project participants receive a scholarship every month. Children spend it on educational needs, additional courses, and everything that will help them get an education and get a good job. During the 15 years of existence of the scholarship program, 160 of its participants received an education and successfully settled in life.

More information about the program and its implementation can be found in our reports
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